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October Jobs Report Big Hit Just in Time for Midterms

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released its October jobs report, and the numbers are record-setting with record unemployment among Hispanic workers and significant gains in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, and service industries. Some 250,000 nonfarm jobs were generated, exceeding predictions and the previous 12 months’ average of 211,000. Wages are also at their highest level in more than nine years, with wages rising 83 cents, or 3.1 percent, over the course of 2018. With all the booming, what’s to complain about on Election Day?

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

The October jobs report has been released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and it’s a smash hit. All sorts of numbers testify to the effectiveness of President Trump’s effect on the economy, and here they are:

The economy, which is growing by leaps and bounds, generated 250,000 new non-farm jobs in October. That exceeded the forecast for October from MarketWatch, which had estimated that 208,000 new nonfarm jobs would be created. The October jobs gain followed an average monthly gain of 211,000 over the prior 12 months.

Health care added 36,000 jobs in October; in the last year, health care employment increased by 323,000. Manufacturing gained 32,000 jobs; over the last year that sector gained 296,000 jobs. Construction employment rose by 30,000 in October; in the last year, it has gained 330,000 jobs.


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President Trump: “We Have to Have a Wall of People”

President Trump doubled down on his decision to deploy as many as 15,000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in advance of the arrival of the thousands-strong Central American caravan determined to storm it. “We have to have a wall of people – very highly trained people, terrific, dedicated patriots.” Trump then fact-checked Karl’s claims that the caravan was composed mainly of women and children characterized as “deeply impoverished people fleeing violence.” “Actually mostly young men,” Trump said. “And a lot of rough people . . . they are pushing the women right up to the front – not good – and the kids right up to the front.” Indeed. It’s beginning to look more like the “refugees” coming from the Middle East to Europe.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

President Donald Trump defended Wednesday his decision to send the military to the border in response to the migrant caravan headed for the United States.
“It’s very important,” Trump said. “We have to have a wall of people —very highly trained people, terrific, dedicated patriots.”

The president commented on his commitment to secure the border during an interview with ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl.

Trump dismissed Karl’s description of the caravan as mostly women and children who were “deeply impoverished people fleeing violence.”

“Actually mostly young men,” Trump said. “And a lot of rough people … they are pushing the women right up to the front — not good — and the kids right up to the front.”


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Journalists Stink as Discourse Cops

The frightening exposure of pipe bombs being mailed to prominent Democrats and media outlets, followed by a horrific shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, led to news networks lecturing, hour after hour, on the tone of our civic discourse.
Physicians, heal thyselves.

These are not dispassionate observers of the national scene. These are leftist partisans and they are cynically using national tragedies to equate conservative speech — conservative thought — to violence.

In 1998, Eric Rudolph bombed an abortion clinic in Birmingham, killing a policeman. The media demanded that the pro-life movement condemn this violence. Pro-life leaders lined up before the cameras for humiliating we’re-not-as-bad-as-this interviews.

In 1996, Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, was indicted for murdering three men with mail bombs. Authorities found Al Gore’s book “Earth in the Balance” in Kaczynski’s shack. No one in the media demanded Gore denounce this evil.

In 2009, Scott Roeder murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller in Kansas. Again pro-lifers were publicly shamed by the press. In 2013, monstrous abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of killing three babies born alive, along with one mother. No reporter suggested the pro-abortion lobby bore any responsibility. No one condemned the agenda of NARAL, et cetera. Virtually no one bothered even covering the trial.

In June of 2017, a leftist kook shot at congressional Republicans holding a baseball practice, nearly killing House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Did the national media ask Bernie Sanders and Rachel Maddow (the shooter’s favorites) if they would disassociate themselves from the violence? Did they lecture liberals to cool their tweets?

Instead, “CBS Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley rudely told Scalise & Co. their wounds were self-inflicted: “It’s time to ask whether the attack on the United States Congress yesterday was foreseeable, predictable, and to some degree, self-inflicted.”

NBC’s Kristen Welker blamed both sides: “After one of the most violent presidential campaigns in recent history, questions tonight about whether the entire country bears some responsibility for an atmosphere that’s become increasingly heated.” No one singled out the Democrats and their radicalized, even militant, rhetoric.

But now network anchors sit by stone-faced as Trump and conservatives are insulted in the worst way. MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt smears talk radio hosts and bloggers criticizing the media as having “blood on their hands.” MSNBC’s Eddie Glaude claims that Trump’s rhetoric on a caravan of migrants marching through Mexico “sets the stage for unimaginable cruelty” — that is, a synagogue shooting. But the shooter hated Trump.

CNN anchors and analysts alike have compared Trump to ISIS. After authorities caught pipe-bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc with a van covered in pro-Trump messaging, CNN anchor Jim Sciutto energetically found “parallels to lone wolf terrorist actors. ISIS folks, et cetera. You know, self-radicalized.” Not to be outdone, CNN panelist Julia Ioffe claimed “this president has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.”

So what happens if someone shoots at the president after all this abuse on “news” shows?
Big League Politics reported this week that there were no less than 179 active death threats on Twitter aimed at President Trump. It’s time for journalists to interview themselves.

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Trump to End Birthright Citizenship With an Executive Order

President Trump is promising an executive order to end birthright citizenship, a practice found only in the U.S. and Canada. “It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment,” Trump told Axios. “Guess what? You don’t.” He then added, “We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen . . . And it has to end.” The question has never been officially ruled on in terms of the children of illegal immigrants residing in the United States, leading to the theory that President Trump is provoking this court fight to finally clarify the right of citizenship.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

On Monday, President Trump announced to Axios on HBO that he would pursue an executive order to outlaw birthright citizenship just before the election. “It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment,” Trump stated. “Guess what? You don’t.” He then added, “You can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they’re saying I can do it just with an executive order…We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States…with all of those benefits. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end.”

Trump isn’t wrong that the United States is one of only two developed countries to maintain birthright citizenship (the other is Canada). But it’s dicey whether an executive order could simply change birthright citizenship, or whether an act of Congress could.

At issue is the interpretation of the 14th Amendment, which provides:


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Pentagon to Deploy 5,000 Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border

President Trump has ordered 5,000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border just days after the initial plan for 800 active-duty troops to greet the Central American caravan determined to storm our open border. According to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Bill Speaks, this number is subject to change amid ongoing planning and developments. “We are preparing what we call ‘defense support for civilian authorities,'” Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis told reporters regarding the surge of troops. For comparison, the Washington Examiner notes the Pentagon reports roughly 5,200 U.S. troops in Iraq and another 2,000 in Syria as part of support operations for local forces fighting the Islamic State. In short, this is a major priority for the Pentagon.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

The Pentagon is set to deploy 5,000 U.S. troops to the border with Mexico, according to published reports.

That is thousands more than the initial plan last week to send 800 active-duty troops at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security and President Trump, who called an approaching caravan of migrants a national emergency.

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Bill Speaks said no final decision on troop numbers had been reached and that planning was ongoing.

The deployment of the active-duty military for border security, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, is a rare move. The report was later confirmed by USA Today. About 2,100 National Guard personnel were sent in April to assist border police with non-law enforcement activities.


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What’s Halloween Without Racism Charges?

It’s Halloween and time for another round of outrage over inappropriate costumes. Once upon a time, parents — most of them, anyway — were concerned with oversexualized costumes for little children, but how unenlightened was that? Today we’re focusing our energy on what’s really important. Now it’s all about “cultural appropriation.” White children need to “own their privilege” and not dress up and pretend to belong to a non-oppressive race.

Megyn Kelly ran afoul of NBC’s “diversity/inclusion” police, and as we write this, it looks like she’ll be canned for saying: “But what is racist? Because truly, you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on white face for Halloween.” Oops. The word “blackface” is loaded and should be avoided, since people immediately think of minstrel shows, and kids shouldn’t dress up as Al Jolson crooning “Mammy” in “The Jazz Singer.”

Kelly continued: “Back when I was a kid, that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.” Not only was she tongue-lashed on air by NBC’s black news stars; it seems like this gave NBC a reason to end her morning show, a cover story to nix the (cringe) Fox News woman.

It might have been a better starting point to ask if it’s offensive for a white boy to want to be Black Panther for a few hours. And if that’s wrong, can a Person of Color be Superman? Can a white comedian impersonate a black man? If not, then can a black man not poke fun at white people either? And what does it say about white people that when that happens, we … laugh? Oh, the intolerant preachings of the tolerant left.

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers is one of these obnoxious people. The other day, she tweeted: “Dear white people who are upset that you can’t dress up as another race or culture for Halloween: your feelings don’t matter. The only feelings that matter are of those who feel disrespected/mocked by you appropriating their culture for entertainment. Show some common decency.” This is the same Kirsten Powers who wrote a book in 2015 titled “The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech.” Back then, she worked for Fox.

Back in 2015, after Powers’ book came out, then-Yale lecturer Erika Christakis sent an email around campus suggesting Halloween used to be a time for children to be a little naughty or subversive. She wrote about Disney princess costumes, saying: “it is hard for me to give credence to a claim that there is something objectionably ‘appropriative’ about a blonde-haired child’s wanting to be Mulan for a day. … I wonder what is the statute of limitations on dreaming of dressing as Tiana the Frog Princess if you aren’t a black girl from New Orleans? Is it okay if you are eight, but not 18?” She even concluded, “Whose business is it to control the forms of costumes of young people? It’s not mine, I know that.”

Nearly a thousand students, faculty members and deans called for both Christakis and her husband, Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a Yale professor, to be fired immediately for this alleged offense. She stopped lecturing, and her husband resigned some duties at the end of the school year in 2016.

Powers actually spoke to the Christakis incident (and others) when she was a Fox News analyst in November 2015. She said, “It is not actually that anybody is in any danger.” Bill O’Reilly added, “It is oppressive to hear somebody with an opposing point of view.” Powers replied, “Exactly. … They talk about it as if they’ve been actually physically attacked, because somebody has expressed an opinion different than theirs.”

Now re-read that tweet of hers. You have our permission to laugh — quietly. There’s nothing wrong with Halloween spurring a “teaching moment” for children, but what is being taught? Leftists want to use these costume controversies as just another grenade to destroy the careers of anyone asking them a single challenging question about how to negotiate their minefield.

L. Brent Bozell III is the president of the Media Research Center. Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog To find out more about Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at



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NOT A BLUFF: U.S. Military Deploys to Southern Border

President Trump has ordered a welcoming committee to greet the Central American migrant caravan at our border with Mexico – and it’s the U.S. military. In an early Thursday morning tweet, President Trump threw down the gauntlet to the mob marching northward, and it wasn’t just rhetoric. The order was executed with roughly eight hundred soldiers en route to help Homeland Security and the National Guard with “logistical support.” Is it possible that Mexico could be conspiring to help Trump gain seats in the U.S. Senate?

Here’s more from Hot Air…

NARRATOR: It wasn’t a bluff. Donald Trump had threatened to send the military to close the border when the immigrant “caravan” first formed in Honduras and Guatemala. Earlier this morning, he reiterated his warning:

Sure enough, the order went out — although for the moment, it doesn’t exactly look like a militarization of the border:

Hundreds of U.S. troops are set to make their way to the southern border to help Homeland Security and the National Guard as a caravan with thousands of migrants moves north, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday.


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The Media’s Transgender ‘Eradication’ Panic

The New York Times located its newest, freshest outrage on the Trump administration in a Department of Health and Human Services memo that’s not new — it’s been circulating since last spring. Some insensitive bureaucrat argued that federal policy on gender should be based on “a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

Oh, the horror of it all. But wait. Don’t liberals believe policy should be grounded in science? The answer is yes — but not when it conflicts with their cultural dogmas on “gender fluidity.”

The Times headline was not just skewed; it came with a hint of holocaust: “Trump May Limit How Government Defines One’s Sex.” Basing gender policy on the genitalia you’re born with? “The new definition would essentially eradicate federal recognition of the estimated 1.4 million Americans,” the story says. It ends with a former Obama bureaucrat denouncing any change that would return to biology because it “quite simply negates the humanity of people.”

The Times was not alone. Time magazine tweeted, “Reports that the Trump administration plans to erase the definition of transgender spark alarm.” Leftists quickly started the Twitter hashtag “#WontBeErased.” Sparking alarm among the media — yes.

A Boston Globe tweet warned that the change could be drastic, quoting The Times piece: “The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet in a governmentwide effort to roll back recognition and protections of transgender people.”

Even Fox News used this politically correct lingo of “protections” on Twitter. The media define this policy suggestion as “the most drastic move yet” and “extremely aggressive,” which is not at all how they described the Obama administration’s moves to the left.

The Daily Beast headline was “Trump Wants to Pretend Trans People Don’t Exist. Well, We Do.” So it’s the critics of transgenderism who are pretending? The Daily Beast tweeted, “The Trump administration’s potential new rule on gender would take transgender rights even further into the Dark Ages than they already are.” As usual, any step backward from the Obama administration’s radical march into a funhouse with 51 boutique gender identities is seen as a return to the horrific world of … five years ago.

Then the celebrities on Twitter really took the “eradication” language into absurdity. Actor Bradley Whitford (of “The West Wing” and “Billy Madison”) tweeted: “This is obscene. This must not stand. This is, and I use this word intentionally, what the Nazis did. Otherization, vilification and exclusion of vulnerable minorities.”Calling a man a man is now the Holocaust. Deaf “America’s Next Top Model” winner Nyle DiMarco lost all his marbles and used the word … “genocide.” He tweeted: “Disgusting. Alarming. TRANS PEOPLE ARE REAL. THEIR EXISTENCE ARE NOT UP FOR DEBATE. AND this is genocide.”

All this because a memo is circulating that suggests the federal government shouldn’t force every local school district into a federal mandate to provide a taxpayer-funded panoply of redefined bathroom spaces and other “protections.”

Liberals inside and outside the media can’t seem to grasp that Obama’s loony transgender mandates caused alarm with conservatives — science lovers and religious people alike — and that the mandates were a serious reason those people marched to the polls to vote for President Trump. Somehow, they think this screechy new panic will drive their millennials to the polls and not motivate conservatives. They might be disappointed all over again — and show they learned nothing.

L. Brent Bozell III is the president of the Media Research Center. Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog To find out more about Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at



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Venezuela: “Fully Prepared” for War with the U.S.

Senior Venezuelan socialist official Diosdado Cabello on Sunday claimed his country is “fully prepared” for war against the United States or any other power trying to topple the failing regime of Nicolas Maduro. Cabello, leader of the dictator’s illegal legislative body, argued that the nation’s army will remain loyal to the socialist revolution. “Our Armed Forces, I believe, are prepared to resist those attacks of the North American imperialism and of the European Union, because they have a great conscience,” said Cabello. One wonders whether Cabello and his fellow Maurists have been drinking the same Kool-Aid(R) as Iran.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Senior Venezuelan socialist official Diosdado Cabello claimed in an interview Sunday his country is “fully prepared” for a war with the United States.
Cabello, the leader of the regime’s illegal lawmaking body and a close ally of dictator Nicolás Maduro, claimed that the country’s Bolivarian National Armed Forces would remain loyal to Hugo Chávez’s socialist revolution should the U.S. or any other power try to topple the regime.

“The United States offers our military amnesty. If you rise up against Maduro, you will be forgiven. As if the military had something to be forgiven for. Is it wrong to love our country? To defend it?” he continued. “Our Armed Forces, I believe, are prepared to resist those attacks of the North American imperialism and of the European Union, because they have a great conscience.”

There is little evidence to support Cabello’s claims. Instead, countless reports detail the growing disaffection and dropout rates among troops, many whose salaries fail to cover basic living resources such as food and medicine.


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Trump Threatens Foreign Aid to Central America if Migrants Continue

President Trump is going on the offensive against the thousands-strong “migrant caravan” making its way from Honduras through Guatemala and into Mexico with plans of breaching the U.S.-Mexico border. After a second caravan reportedly left en route to the U.S., POTUS tweeted that slashes to foreign aid for Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are in the works: “Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country and coming illegally to the U.S. We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.” Honduras receives more than $74 million in American aid, with El Salvador and Guatemala receiving between $80 and $140 million per year.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

President Donald Trump had harsh words for Honduras’s government Monday morning as word spread that a second “migrant caravan” departed from the central American nation, headed for the United States’ southern border: if Honduras doesn’t stem the “refugee” outflow, they may lose American aid.

The President tweeted Monday that he’d spoken to the leaders of several central American nations, including Honduras, where the current “migrant caravans” originate, and informed them that the United States could reconsider international financial aid programs aimed at Central America if the outflow does not abate.